Feb 1

SFWMD Workshop

Loxahatchee River Preservation Initiateive Meeting

12:00 PM  to  2:00 PM

3301 Gun Club Road
West Palm Beach, FL
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Feb 8

SEFLUC Meeting

Regular Meeting

1:30 PM  to  4:00 PM

6500 Congress Avenue
Boca Raton, FL
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Southeast Florida Utility Council Charter
Article I: Names
The name of the organization shall be Southeast Florida Utility Council.
Article II: Mission Statement
To provide a communications, networking, and support structure for member utilities to continue to provide superior-quality water supply and wastewater management services to its customers in a cost-effective manner.
Article III: Objectives
The objectives of the Southeast Florida Utility Council are:
A.   To develop a support system for member utilities to rely upon during natural or man-made disasters.
B.   To work toward maintaining and preserving our natural resources.
C.   To develop an organized member network that proactively addresses as a single voice regulatory issues that impact the membership and the public.
D.   Through a cooperative approach, provide information and assistance to the
members beneficial to the objectives of the Southeast Florida Utility Council.
E.   To provide education in order to enhance confidence in the services we provide through proactive public education and information programs.
Article IV: Executive Board
Section 4.1   Number. The Executive Board shall consist of five (5) members: Chairperson, Vice Chair, Past Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
Section 4.2   Chairperson. The Chairperson shall act as Chairperson of the Executive Board; preside at meetings of the Executive Board, meetings of the general membership and the Annual Meeting, and in conjunction with other Executive Board members will plan agendas for the Executive Board and general meetings, facilitate all meetings and serve as spokesperson for the network. The office of Chairperson shall sign all contracts and perform such other duties as may be designated by the Executive Board.
Section 4.3   Vice Chair. The Vice Chair shall serve as the Chairperson-elect. In the absence, disability, death, or resignation of the chairperson, the Vice Chair shall possess all the powers and perform all the duties of that office until such time as the Chairperson is able to resume those duties or until the Chairperson's term expires. The Vice Chair shall perform other duties such as the Chairperson and Executive Board may designate.
Section 4.4   Secretary. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board and of the General Membership; keep a file of those minutes and other records as may be deemed necessary by the Executive Board; give an oral report summarizing the executive board meeting minutes, and general meeting minutes at the subsequent general meeting; ensure the SEFLUC website is current; and the Secretary shall assist with other document preparation as needed.
Section 4.5   Treasurer. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all money due, be custodian of this money, deposit money in a bank designated by the Executive Board, and disburse funds only upon order of the Executive Board. Dual signatures shall be required on all disbursal; members of the Executive Board shall be authorized as signatories on all accounts. The Treasurer shall maintain financial records and prepare monthly reports and a simple yearly financial statement and budget. The Treasurer will chair and coordinate all fund raising activities. The Treasurer will administer grants and all other sources of revenue generated by the Council, and maintain a list of members.
Section 4.6   Past Chair. The Past Chair shall assist the Chairperson of the Executive Board; attend meetings of the Executive Board, meetings of the general membership and the Annual Meeting, and in conjunction with other Executive Board members will plan agendas for the Executive Board and general meetings, facilitate all meetings and serve as an additional spokesperson for the network.
Section 4.7   Nominations. The Nominating Committee, selected annually by the Chairperson, will present to the membership a slate of candidates for consideration. Additional nominations will be accepted from the General Membership at the Annual Election Meeting.
Section 4.8   Selection. New members shall be elected to the Executive Board by a majority of the Voting Members voting at the Annual Meeting.
Section 4.9   Term of Office. The Term of Office for the Executive Board shall be one (1) year. The Term of Office shall begin on May 1st and end on April 30th.
Section 4.10   Vacancies. Any vacancy occurring in the Executive Board except in the position of Chairperson shall be filled for the remainder of that term by a majority vote of the remaining Board Members. In the event of a vacancy in the Chairperson's position, the Vice Chair shall automatically fill the Chairperson's position and the General Membership shall then select a new Board Member as described above.
Section 4.11   Meetings. Executive Board Members are expected to attend a majority of all Board and General Meetings in any term year. A Southeast Florida Utility Council Executive Board Member will miss no more than three (3) regularly scheduled meetings in one year.
Section 4.12   Quorum. A minimum of ten (10) members of the Council shall constitute a quorum.
Section 4.13   Qualifications. All elected members of the Executive Board shall be Voting Members of the Southeast Florida Utility Council.
Section 4.14   Policy-Making. The Executive Board may establish policies and procedures for consideration and approval by the entire council.
Section 4.15   Contracts. The Executive Board may contract for services as deemed necessary to fulfill the purposes of the organization.
Article V: Membership
Section 5.1   Utility Member. A Utility Member shall be any water resources, potable water supply or wastewater management utility representative, public or private, located in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, Monroe County, or Martin County, where such representative agrees to promote Council objectives and programs. A Utility Member will be listed on the Southeast Florida Utility Council mailing list.
Section 5.2   General Member. A General Member shall be an employee of any consulting firm, regulatory agency, student or associate.
Section 5.3   Member in Good Standing. A Member in Good Standing is a Utility Member or General Member that is current in their SEFLUC dues payments. A Member in Good Standing will have access to the Members Only portion of the SEFLUC website.
Section 5.4   Voting Member. A Voting Member shall be a Utility Member who is also a Member in Good Standing. Only one (1) Voting Member per utility. A Voting Member may serve on the Nominating Committee and vote in the selection of the Executive Board at the Annual Membership Meeting and may also vote on issues brought to the membership. If a Voting Member must miss a meeting, a Voting Member may send a representative who can vote and/or make a commitment in his/her absence. A Voting Member not in attendance at the annual Meeting may vote by written proxy according to Policies established by the Board of Directors.
Article VI: Meetings
Section 6.1   General Meetings. General Meetings of the Southeast Florida Utility Council shall be held at least quarterly at a place agreed upon by the Executive Board.
Section 6.2   Business Items. Business items requested by Voting Members, for hearing at General Meetings, will be submitted to the Council Chairperson. The Chairperson is responsible for agenda preparation and shall make every effort to bring all items to the floor for discussion.
Section 6.3   Annual Meeting. An Annual Meeting shall be held during the month of March, each year to conduct the following business:
    a) Election of Executive Board
b) Adoption of the Budget
c) Report of Activities
d) Any Other Business of an Appropriate Nature
Article VII: Amendments
Section 7.1   Amendments. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Voting Members present at the Annual Meeting.
Section 7.2   Proposals of Change. Proposals for changes in the Bylaws shall be submitted to the Executive Board by a Voting Member, by a Boardappointed Committee Chairperson, or by a Member of the Executive Board. All proposed amendments shall be given in writing to every Voting Member at least thirty (30) days prior to being voted upon.
Article VIII: Finances
Section 8.1   Dues. Southeast Florida Utility Council may apply for permission to levy annual dues or an assessment. The dues or assessment would be levied when needed to finance an anticipated or approved projects and /or annually at the time of membership renewal, and the revenue collected will increase the funds available for Southeast Florida Utility Council uses consistent with its objectives and policies. The Executive Board may raise, lower, or change the annual dues or assessments. These changes must be approved by vote of the membership.
Section 8.2   Fees. Southeast Florida Utility Council reserves the right to collect fees for activities and events as appropriate.
Section 8.3   Financial Controls. All finances shall be managed in accordance with this Charter and all applicable financial rules and regulations of the country and state.